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Functional Cover Glass

IDS offers custom ITO EMI and Heater elements designed to meet harsh environments typically found in military applications. These filter elements are manufactured by partners in Korea and the USA to meet the high transmission of light while minimizing reflections. These high quality optical coatings are indexed and are resistant to commonly used chemicals, solvents, and cleaning fluids associated with the military environments.

The EMI filters include a silver frit bus bar that makes electrical contact with the conductive ITO layer. When this bus bar is grounded in the final assembly the filter element provides excellent EMI performance to military standards. Optional black masking can be printed over the coatings to provide shielding of unwanted reflective surfaces for improved performance.

Heater Elements have options for termination including a flat flex cable assembly.

IDS offers Endurance Bond™ performed in a clean room environment using our proprietary processes that have been developed specifically for displays used in rugged applications. The optical bonding techniques have been rigorously tested in military environments to insure the display optical stack will perform to our customers’ requirements.