HEA2000 Anti-Reflection Films

Anti-Reflection (AR) Films improves the appearance of your display in all conditions with ambient light. Applying an AR Film will reduce photopic reflection from the display polarizer from 4% to below 0.5% making it much more readable in the environment your product operates. Reducing front surface reflection is the first step in producing a sunlight viewable display system.

Interactive Display Solutions, Inc. is a national distributor of HEA2000 film and can provide the film applied to your selection of display, in 1000mm x 500mm sheets, or converted/cut to your specification. All this film comes with a pressure sensitive adhesive applied so it is ready for application.

This film can also be used on substrates other than the display. Often it is applied to specialty filters to reduce reflections, and sometimes to touch panels.



Benefits of HEA2000 Anti-Reflection Film Lamination:

Protection of the Polarizer on Displays – The front surface of the display is a soft plastic “polarizer” which can be easily damaged. HEA2000 has a high quality hard coat, which is superior to the OEM polarizer. In the event the HEA2000 film does become damaged it is an easy process to remove and reapply the film renewing your product.

Improved Optics and Glare Reduction – HEA2000 AR Film reduces reflection from internal and external light sources. Using this film will drastically reduce glare and increase transmission of the Display giving the most satisfying and accurate viewing experience.

Ergonomics – A display with reduced glare and a sharp clear image reduces eyestrain and is essential for those who make their living from behind a display screen. The American Optometric Association lists glare as a contributor to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and reducing glare is effective in mitigating CVS. http://www.aoa.org/x5253.xml

Reduced Power – In a high ambient brightness environment an optically bonded display will allow you to turn down the installed backlighting system. In fact in a sunlit environment going from 12% to 1.5% reflection will have the same effect on contrast ratio as going from 500 nits to 3500 nits. This results not only in a savings in power consumption, but also less heat is generated which must be removed from the assembly.

Flexible Plastic Films HEA2000®

Properties Unit Specification
Reflected Brightness % 0.60% or less for Clear
Reflected Brightness % 0.50% or less for Matte


Flexible Plastic Films CHEA2000® (Conductive for EMI/RFI attenuation and Static Dissipation)

Properties Unit Specification
Reflected Brightness % 0.80% or less for Clear
Reflected Brightness % 0.70% or less for Matte

Note: In November of 2010 we were informed that the manufacturer of the PET substrate which carries the HEA2000 coating will be discontinuing the substrate. We expect the last of the old material to be consumed around March of 2011.