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The displays bonded or laminated with our shield material offer superior optical characteristics.

Opto-Enhancement materials include glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, or any other optically clear overlay material placed in front of the LCD. They are made of different compounds or coating to enhance the color, sunlight readability and viewing angle of LCD panels.

Benefits of Optical Shields

Improved Optics and Glare Reduction

(HEA2000 – Antireflective Thin Coating film)

Optical Bonding reduces or eliminates reflection from internal and external light sources. When combined with an Anti-Reflection front surface it is possible to dramatically reduce glare and increase light transmission from the assembly yielding a most satisfying and accurate viewing experience.


Protection of the Polarizer

The front surface of a display is a soft plastic “polarizer” film material which can be easily damaged. HEA2000 has a high-quality hard coat, which is superior to the OEM polarizer. Should the HEA2000 film become damaged it is an easy process to remove and reapply the film to renew your product.


Reduced Power

In high ambient brightness environments, an optically bonded display will allow you to turn down the installed backlighting system. In an outdoor sunlit environment, reducing reflection from 12% to 1.5% will have a similar effect on contrast ratio as going from a brightness of 500 to 3500 nits. This reduces system power consumption and the amount of heat generated which must be removed from the assembly.

with and without optical bonding affect the screen simulation picture

Benefits of O-Film

Improve Viewing Angle

In a traditional TN display, most light travels in one direction where it becomes visible to the users. IDS’s omni-film lamination technology allows light to go to all directions providing an optimized wide viewing angle. The performance is slightly less than a true IPS display. Omni-film display users have a lower cost option from the more expensive IPS display to one that has minimal color shift from all angles.