Premium LCD

Provide Global Leading LCD from 1.75″ QVGA portable displays to 32″ 4K resolution monitors

Part No (SKU)SizeResolutionBrightness
TX23D201VM0BAA9800 x 4801000
TX26D19VM2BAA10.4800 x 600550
TX26D200VM2BAA10.4800 x 6001500
TX26D200VM5BAA10.4800 x 6001000
TX26D202VM0BAA10.11920 x 1200800
TX26D203VM2BAA10.41024 x 7681200
TX26D206VM0BAA10.31920 x 7201000
TX26D207VM0AAA10.11280 x 8001000
TX26D208VM0AVA10.21920 x 10801200
TX26D25VM2BAA10.2800 x 256350
TX31D200VM0BAA12.31280 x 4801000
TX31D203VM0EAB12.31920 x 7201000
TX34D200VM0BAA13.33840 x 2160350
TX38D18VM2BAA151024 x 7681200
TX38D25VM0CAA14.91280 x 242450

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