All In One (AIO)

Should you need a complete drop-in solution, IDS can provide AIO modules. These products essentially are a complete assembly designed to mount directly into your system chassis. Systems may have preloaded operating systems and are 100 percent tested. Both off-the-shelf standards and custom solutions are available.


  • 7” to 32”
  • Luminance: 500 to 1500 nit (cd/m2)
  • High Contrast Ratio 
  • Wide Viewing Angles

Touch Panel

  • Projected Capacitive Touch
  • Operates with gloved hands and rejects liquids
  • Gestures: Tap, Flick, Scroll, Finger swipe

Communication Interface

  • UART-TTL socket for the common
  • SPI
  • I²C
  • RS-485
  • RS-232
  • GPIO
  • 2 x PWM
  • USB 2.0 Device Interface


  • 12, 24 vdc
  • 5V USB Power
  • RTC with battery

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