Enhancement Solutions

Offers a variety of enhancements to increase LCD’s functionality and versatility

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Front Panel Integration

  • Optical Bonding: Cover lens/glass or touch screen
  • Display enhancements: EMI shields, heaters, and specialty film lamination
  • Gasket sealing
  • Custom Bezels and Enclosures


We provide three bonding methods to laminate cover lens/glass, heaters, and touch screens to displays.  

1. LOCA – Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive

LOCA offer the best optical and impact resistance and is repairable

2. OCA – Optically Clear Adhesive

OCA provides excellent optical characteristics and good impact resistance

3. Air Gap

Air Gap optical quality and impact resistance both are consider a good economical choice

Films and Surface Treatments

  • Anti-Glare (AG)
  • Anti-Reflective (AR)
  • Anti-Smudge (AS)
  • Circular Polarizers
  • EMI Shields
  • Enhance Surface Protection
  • Enhanced Sunlight Readability Films
  • Night Vision Filter
  • Privacy Film

Cover Glass

Cover glass not only includes various options that protect the display from unwanted abuse, in most applications it includes custom borders and logos providing an elegant user interface and product branding.


Gasket options range from closed foam strips, Die-Cut continuous closed foam gaskets or perimeter formed in bezel adhesives. Depending upon the desired IP, NEMA or UL rating, our engineers will select one of these gasketing methods.


IDS provides integrated display housings manufactured from either metal or plastic. These bezel assemblies are sub-assemblies ready for installation on your production line.